Cancer Fertility Preservation

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Diagnosed with Cancer - now what? 

Experts recommend freezing embryos or eggs, called cryopreservation, to help preserve fertility for cancer patients. It's important to find a fertility specialist and center that has experience in these procedures and understands the urgency of working with cancer patients. 

First-Hand Experience:

After being diagnosed with cancer two days after graduating from law school, the question of fertility was raised. I was told it was going to be around $15,000 but there was no way I could afford that. I worked together with Walgreens and Livestrong to cover my medication and part of my egg retrieval services. This allowed me the amazing opportunity to freeze my eggs and preserve my fertility. 

How long does it take to freeze my eggs or create embryos?

The process of collecting eggs for embryo and egg freezing are the same. However, the timing can be different but can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.  

What are the costs involved?

Freezing eggs and embryos is costly, and unfortunately, many health insurance plans don’t cover the cost. This may change in the future. In California, insurance companies are required to cover fertility preservation connected to cancer. Every fertility center charges a different amount, but most centers offer discounted rates to patients starting cancer treatment.

There are additional costs for the hormone medication needed for ovarian stimulation. If your prescription plan doesn’t cover the medications, there are programs that may help:

  • LIVESTRONG Fertility works with a pharmaceutical company to provide free medication to patients being treated at participating fertility centers. Eligibility is based on your income.

  • Heartbeat is a program that offers free medication through a pharmaceutical company and Walgreens. To learn more, check out their pamphlet. 

  • There is an annual storage fee to keep your eggs or embryos frozen. Ask your clinic or storage facility for a discounted price.

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